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Tobii Tech focuses on integrating Tobii’s core eye tracking technology into VR, laptops, PC games, medical image processing, AR, cars, industrial vehicles, and many more products, and also delivers the technology to the other Tobii Business Units. If you want to be part of pioneers that take gaze control to new, exciting mass markets, we may have just the job for you!

Interaction Designer for eye tracking experiences

If the device you are interacting with had Tobii eye tracking, it would know  what you are looking at or referring to, how attentive you are, and possibly even know that you are you. This opens for new type of interactive experiences, ranging from games and apps to interaction with the device itself!

Tobii is looking for an Interaction designer with coding skills. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is passionate about designing a new playing field of human computer interaction.

The role and responsibilities

As an Interaction designer, you will work in a team of UX designers and developers where you will be involved in the entire process - from concept exploration to design of the finished product, together with our partners. Our design process is based around rapidly turning ideas into tangible prototypes. You will see the bigger picture of how and why and at the same time keeping dead focus on the details that make the experience.

Your days will be filled with

  • Conceptual design of interactive experiences.
  • Detailed HCI design and rapid interactive prototypes.
  • Clearly communicating ideas and design artifacts within the team and with stakeholders.
  • Documenting use cases, design patterns and principles for other UX designers to use, as needed.
  • User testing as needed.

We are looking for someone who has

  • Hands-on experiences in HCI/interaction design.
  • A master’s degree or equivalent, specializing in a design related area.
  • The ability to rapidly create interactive prototypes in code.
  • Sharp skills in analyzing and verbalizing design strengths and weaknesses.

Tobii is an international company and we welcome applicants from all over the world! We expect you to have working proficiency in both spoken and written English.

To be successful in this role, and at Tobii, we think you have strong self-motivation and team work skills. You like to work in a fast paced environment, where you are willing to learn from your colleagues, but also teach, to make our interactions truly mind-blowing!

Please address your questions to Michaela McCarthy,, and submit your resume and cover letter through our website. Please note that the process will be a bit longer due to holiday leave. We'll get back to you in January. We look forward to your application!



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