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Tobii Tech focuses on integrating Tobii’s core eye tracking technology into VR, laptops, PC games, medical image processing, AR, cars, industrial vehicles, and many more products, and also delivers the technology to the other Tobii Business Units. If you want to be part of pioneers that take gaze control to new, exciting mass markets, we may have just the job for you!

C# Developer to OEM Integrations - Tobii Tech

All teams in Tobii Tech Software share the same mission of continuously improving and integrating eye tracking features into all kinds of products. The OEM Integration team operates in the middle of the software stack and in close cooperation with teams both above and below in the stack. The team does software integration of Tobii components into the OEM’s hardware, e.g. Dell Alienware and Acer Predator. Do you want to be a part of pushing the boundaries for what is possible with eye tracking? Then this is the team for you!

The role and responsibilities

The OEM integrations team is responsible for a wide range of software components, from the central middleware component Interaction Engine to driver packaging and implementations of the actual interactive features using Windows Automation API and Win32 API to create fluent and integrated Windows experiences in different areas.

When working in the OEM Integrations team your days will be filled with

  • Working with both eye tracking data filtering and processing
  • Discuss, drive and evolve technical solutions together with the team
  • Creating fluent and integrated windows experiences that will blow people’s mind’s
  • Development and producing code alongside and together with your awesome colleagues!

All our jobs at Tobii are about innovation, passion and not the least - making things real.

We are looking for someone who

  • Has been working with software development for 3 years of more
  • Loves developing C#.NET in a Windows environment and has done this before
  • Has knowledge of UI development in different frameworks

We hope that you have previously worked with and wants to continue working with test driven development and since you will be developing eye tracking experiences in Windows we would love it if you have worked with Windows Services. If you on top of this have worked with WINAPI we would love to have a chat with you!

At Tobii, we believe that our diversities are what strengthen us. No matter if you wear high heels or sandals, if you spend your nights at the gym or prefer playing Dungeons & Dragons with your colleagues, if Stockholm is where you grew up or if your roots are somewhere else. It is the pride and happiness in what we do that make us come together. Our joint passion for sharing new ideas and our belief in our products is what makes us a unique workplace and what makes us proud of calling this our Tobii family. We hope that you want to be a part of it!

Please address your questions to Samuel Karlsson, and submit your resume through our website as soon as possible, don't wait! At Tobii, we move quickly!

For this recruitment we will start going through applications during February. 

Tobii Life

Working at Tobii is like being in the heart of innovation. Here you get to work on cool creative projects, together with passionate colleagues from all around the world. Our technology brings a voice to people with speech impairments, it helps us understand human behavior and it is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. Life is short so we choose to spend it building high tech products that matters!

If you want to build a company rather than just work for one. If you take pride in honest hard work and want to perform freely in an open environment where you can be yourself, you will feel right at home.

It’s all about passion, innovation and making things real.

Watch this video if you want to learn more about us.


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